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Since it's launch in June 2005, Bannerblog has grown to become one of the most frequented advertising blogs in the world and the only featuring online advertising exclusively.

The following stats are provided because everyone loves stats and results.

Traffic Stats
Stats provided by Google Analytics

The huge spike in January is for one reason only. We posted a feature on "Sexy Banners" and this was picked up by many "mens" sites around the world. Although esspecially in Spanish speaking countries.

It seems sex does sell.

Bannerblog may have an Australian domain but we are a worldwide site.

There is still room to grow in many regions of the world.

RSS Feed Subscribers
Stats provided by Feedburner

Now reaching 6,000 subscribers daily.

In an effort to share I have posted more detailed stats below. All generated from Google Analytics.

You may find these interesting and a good benchmark for your own blog. I've taken these from the last 6 months so as to give an accurate update on the change.

Best Day Ever!
And just in case you were wondering our best day in terms of visitors was
January 10, 2008 with 24,097 visitors. This can be attributed to the release of the Sexy Banners Article.

We are a Mon-Fri blog. Traffic drops 75% over the weekends. So it seems most people read Bannerblog at the office.

Stat accuracy
We have been using Google Analytics for over two years now and it seems to be the most reliable.

I put this here to compare "apples to apples". Some sites use their server side stats to track visitors and I have found these to be inflated and inaccurate. Here's a comparison from a few months ago.

Urchin Stats: 1.2 Million
Google: 583,000

Page Views:
Urchin Stats: 18.5 Million
Google: 3.4 Million

This difference is due to a variety of reasons with hot linking and the server tracking includes as separate pages being the main reasons.

Last Updated July 31 2008