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Host Sydney is looking for a Digital Art Director


Host are looking for a digital art director to join their growing team in Sydney.


- Have a proven track record in developing award winning digital ideas and engaging digital experiences.

- Are well versed in graphic and interactive design with a love for the craft; you think big, but you also like to get your hands dirty.

- Inspire creativity in those around you, especially younger members of the team.

- Are continually inspired by the opportunities the medium offers and are always seeking to do something never been done before

- Love what you do but find inspiration in life outside of work.

- Don't have a big ego.


- Are an independent agency located in Sydney, Australia who've produced some truly integrated, globally recognised and awarded campaigns for clients such as Virgin mobile, Air New Zealand, Ikea, BankWest and more.

- Have a great working culture with smart people who are passionate about creativity, innovation and producing brilliant work.

- Don't update our website often enough - if you want to see more of what we've done please get in touch..

How to Apply

Please send cvs/examples of work etc. to bob [.] mackintosh [@] hostville [.] com [.] au